Set up your profile in Homebase. You can add your photo, bio, favorite success stories, testimonials and contact information. Once you’ve done this you are ready to write Expert Insights!

To get to your Homebase, click on your name in the top menu when you are signed in.



Define the market where you want to be known as the Local Market Expert by writing Insights for the homes you visit! Choose a price range, neighborhood or property type and make sure you write an Insight for every new listing in that market!

It’s simple- visit new listings when they hit the market and, using the Relola app or your desktop, write Insights, upload photos, and share your Insights on social media.  Or, if you want to do it later,  save the properties you visit to your Homebase.

Your published Insights will show up on and on every site you have enhanced with Relola displays. Buyers and sellers looking in this market will know you are the Local Market Expert!



Once you've written Insights, they will appear next to the listing and on your Profile Page on Relola. They will also appear on every website you have enhanced with your Insight and Activity map displays.  Add widgets to your personal website, company profile page, blog, and anywhere else you want to be discovered online.  Presto!  Your Insights will appear everywhere online instantly.

Not only does this help you stand out as the Local Market Expert, it also boosts your personal SEO.

If you'd like to add widgets to your website, please email us for details.


The Reloladex is our directory of industry pros.

When buyers and sellers are looking for a local expert in a neighborhood, city, or zip code, the agents who have written Insights there will be featured.

Make sure you write Insights in all the areas where you want to be discovered!


With the Relola app, you can check in to listing while you are out on tour, write Insights, take and upload photos, and share your Insights to the world... all while you are out in the field!

Should you prefer to write your Insights on your computer, checking in while you are out in the field will save the listing to your Homebase so you can complete your Insights later.


Your Insights will broadcast to your social networks ensuring you stay top of mind as the Local Market Expert.

Every membership level automatically publishes to Facebook.  Star and Superstar members also publish to LinkedIn and Twitter.  Simply add your social channels in your Homebase profile and select the channels you want to broadcast your Insights to when you publish them from your phone or desktop.